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M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boar Baits)

M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boar Baits)

Packed with savory flavors and aromas which attract deer, hog and even bear. Designed to be buried a foot or more into the ground. Strong aromas attract hogs and  keeps them there. The tightly woven M.O.A.B. bag acts as a scent wick and requires hogs to rupture to dispense contents, which scatters the surrounding area with strong flavors, grains & nutrients creating a large savory and aromatic bait station. Hogs keep coming even after the bait’s been eaten. M.O.A.B. may also be placed above ground for instant action or suspended from a low hanging branch to act as powerful scent wick. The best solution for attracting and keeping hogs in the area is to bury one M.O.A.B. andplace an additional bag above ground. If placing the M.O.A.B. for deer simply loosen the draw string so contents will fall out as deer paw the bag.

The ingredients provide protein, fat & carbohydrates for maintaining a healthy herd.


Available in a variety of flavors.

-Sweet Apple and Caramel

-Sweet Acorn

-Stinky Cheese


Each bag is approx 4.5 lbs of poduct.

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