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Ryan Smith, CEO/Owner, FSCEO, FEMT

At First Star Tactical, we are driven by our dedication to offer a superior, personalized service. 


I founded this store with one goal in mind: to get QUALITY products and equipment into the hands of first responders; LE, Fire, and EMS. I was tired of seeing junk offered inside big box stores at prices that were ridiculous. The majority of the products we have to offer I have firsthand experience with and I would gladly share my reviews. 

​I am a start up store in Cedar Park, Texas. My main market is geared toward FD/LEO of which I am both. I have 24 years as a firefighter: 11 of those being the Fire Chief of a career 24/7 department; 15 years as an Advanced EMT; and eight years as LEO/Arson/Investigator for a local PD.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our store. - FST

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